The Accidental Christian

GoodAccidentally Christian is exactly what I am.

I come from a messy place, a childhood filled with divorces lots and lots of moves and a general lack of anything certain. That road dead-ended into an early adulthood filled with hating myself, starving myself and trying to have it all together.

For years I checked the boxes that promised to lead to happiness

I strove and always came up empty

Then, I began to ask the big questions, the ones you push aside, plan to deal with when you are an “adult.”

Today I’ve found  a deep friendship like none other, a direction, a truth.

I’m still not ok and I’m ok with that. I’m painfully open and often regretful, but you can trust that I’ll give to you raw.

This blog is a window and a platform. It’s a way to see into someone else’s struggles as a way to answer your own questions and hopeful a bridge to help you stand on something solid.

I’m not an expert on much of anything but I’m good and getting a conversation started and isn’t that way more interesting anyway.

Rid with me, I’ll love you, I won’t judge you, and I’ll give it you real honest!