What We Do

In the past faith was something you inherited, it came with your culture, the family you were born into. Increasingly, we are choosing to reject the “faith” of our childhoods and search out what we believe for ourselves.  When we question magic happens, faith happens, questioning is what we do here.

This is a place to dig in, to feel safe, to discuss without judgment.

I want to be clear that my goal is to help you journey to the place where you can find eternal life, the only place that offers that, the place of a true belief in and relationship with Jesus Christ. If I really believe that, that has to be my goal.  But, here is what I know, I can’t do that…. and really neither can you. To figure out what you believe, because I promise you believe in something  YOU have to ask the hard questions… the ones no one wants to discuss. THAT is what we do here.

What we DON’T DO HERE is judge. Because we aren’t that good.

“Christianity not only leads its members to believe people of other faiths have goodness and wisdom to offer, it also leads them to expect hat many will live lives morally superior to their own. In the Christian understanding, Jesus does not tell us how to live so we can merit salvation. Rather, he comes to forgive and save us through his life and death in our place.” Timothy Keller- The Reason for God.

So come, play in this sandbox of beliefs with us seek and you will find.