How to love these 10 moms you’ll meet on Facebook

1. The new mom who is constantly asking “stupid” questions and lots and lots of photos of baby.

Take a deep breath, you were there once. Remember this person just had another person come out of her body, or she just adopted a totally new person. Either way, it’s a person she’s never met and she’s super excited. What else? She’s also probably lonely, insecure and worried. Reassure her, speak kindly, and “like” the photos. I mean it IS pretty exciting.

2.The Crossfit mom or workout-obsessed mom who is incessantly posting overly detailed information about her workouts.

First, the Crossfit moms…Althought I’ve never participated in Crossfit, from what I understand it’s based on friendly competition, so chances are many of her FB friends are fellow “Crossfitters”, and she’s trying to build comradery.

The other mommies? The posters of running routes and times, marathon photos? DUDE they are just excited! Maybe they are new to the sport, and maybe they are looking for someone to encourage them– to say, “Well done!” Be that person.

3.The Mommy OBSESSED with “Clean Eating”

Be honest. You have your things that you’re obsessed with…this is just hers. Chances are she doesn’t eat super healthy all the time, and chances are her posts annoy you because, ummm, you could be doing a better job. So take some tips from her. Ask her to share some recipes that her kids love.

4. The working mom who is constantly posting amazing things she is doing with her kids, leaving you wondering, “How does she do it all?”

Here is the deal…she doesn’t do IT ALL. But someone has made her feel guilty. She wants you to know that she does do amazing things with her kids, and she does really love them.

5. The Mom who always looks perfect in EVERY photo

Filters, Photoshop, or dude you are just jealous. Some people look really good in photographs, and God just flat-out made some women really really pretty. SO love on her- tell her how pretty she is. I bet she gets very few compliments.

6.The Mommy who is WAY too into her kid’s sports and accomplishments

Some women find it really hard to separate their identity from their kid’s. So they want you to know how amazing their kids are because they see it as a direct reflection of how well they are doing–in essence it’s their work-product. Check yourself. Are you worried your kids aren’t measuring up? Insecure because maybe you don’t have your kids in enough activities? Show her love by loving on her kid’s accomplishments.

7.The Mom who REALLY loves her husband

Everyone goes through seasons where they are really thankful for their spouse (hopefully really, really long seasons). And for extraverts, we want the world to know!!! On the other hand, praising a husband publicly may be a way to reassure herself. It’s a good thing to think highly of your husband, get behind this gal.

8.The Mom who always has to put her two cents in

She’s just looking for community. She wants to talk…so talk to her. I bet you’ll be glad you did.

9.The stay-at-home-mom who is always complaining

Um lonely, isolating job? She wants to know that someone else thinks it’s hard too. You may want to tell her to suck it up or stop complaining because you have to work 60 hours a week and raise kids. BUT I promise she won’t hear you until you hear her. Let her know you understand that what she does is hard.

10.The Mom who seems to be on Facebook at ALL HOURS

Best guess here is traveling husband. She’s alone A LOT. And again, she is looking for community, looking to engage with other humans. Perhaps she has something really hard going on that keeps her from being able to engage off social media? A problem with a child, social anxiety, depression. PS: If you think she’s on social media all the time, umm what’s that say about how much you’re on it??

Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.

1 Thessalonians 5:11

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